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The Brewer Family

The Brewer Family
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Strange Girl

Valerie at Christmas - her hair "a Christmas Tree" - her personal version of the "cone heads"

Monday, November 23, 2009

October Florida vacation 2009

Crazy laptop. The mouse jumps so when you are trying to delete one thing, the mouse jumps and deletes another. This picture was to be farther down on the page. It was accidentally deleted and I can only add pictures on the top. This is Sonny and Lolly (me) on the glass bottom boat tour.
Unpacking. We stayed in the apartment on the left. Since tourist season was over, we had the beach, etc. to ourselves for the most part. No one was in the apartment on the right.

We had a full, fun trip to Florida. Below are some pictures of events that took place. I'll post more later.
One of the beautiful sunsets (or sunrises ~ they look alike in pictures) we witnessed from the balcony.Sonny, Lolly and Valerie enjoying the view of the Gulf of Mexico from the balcony
Jonathan and Jeff enjoying the beach. The water was surprisingly warm.
Everyone was actually checking out DeEtta's toenail design with is hard to describe, but it was very pretty. From left to right. Valerie, part of Patrick, DeEtta, Sonny, John (DeEtta's husband) Jim
Glass bottom boat ride. Rob, Amie and Phoenix looking at us as. Tina on the side and Madison asleep in the stroller. I thought the bottom would be glass, but instead the sides were. The only thing we saw through the glass was jellyfish.
Jeff and Jonathan entertaining cousins Patrick and Tyler
Sisters DeEtta and Lolly
Captain Valerie (at least for the duration of the picture)
Dolphins escourted the boat.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Lolly

This is what 55 candles burning looks like. Yes, I blew them all out with one breath. But---it took 2 people to light them. Thank you Jason and Jeff. That way the first ones weren't melted down before the last ones were lit. Jim says you can't see the writing for the light. Jason and Sheri bought it. It said, "Happy Birthday Grandma".

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jeff is 18!!

Jeff is 18. Our youngest. OW! Happy Birthday Jeff.

Wild driver took off after the cameragirl. Ignore the first few seconds. :)

State Fair and Roof extras

Some random pics of this past summer

Above: Victoria giving a "body slam" to Valerie.
Below: Playing in the water
I sure do love this little gal.
Helping water the plants.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

August happenings

Jonathan turned 22 on Aug. 19.
At the end of the day Valerie took a picture of weary NY State Fair goers.
Valerie standing with the living statues at NY State Fair.
The wolf took honorable mention at the NY State Fair. It is the one I made Jason for Christmas 2008.
Sheri watching Victoria as she goes from one place to another.

At the playground
Supervisors must wear hard hats at construction sites.
Finally done with the roof. Thanks to fine sons who were such a blessing.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

17 Months---Not 17 years, YET

Victoria had already tried the lock with her plastic keys with no success so she decided to try the handle. She pushed buttons, changed keys, everything, but never did get it to work. Some plastic isn't worth much I guess.

New roof

Jim, Jason, Jeffrey and Jonathan put a new roof on the backside of the kitchen area. Shingles had blown off last year. When they got up there, Jim and Jason found there were 5 layers of shingles to remove. I didn't get a picture of them when they were done, but they looked like chimney sweeps after a full day's work.

33 years since that 1st benchmark of our love.

33 years since that 1st benchmark of our love.
Another Benchmark - notice I am NOT on the bench!

Jason & Sheri

Jason & Sheri
Wedding Day June 15, 2007

Aunt Doris

Aunt Doris
I used to be this small.

Small head ~

Small head ~